Move Well.

Move Strong

This is a fun movement class for the curious!

Move Well.Move Strong

“Step aside stiffness, I’ve got my WD40 movement solution”.

Doing and repeating the same old thing, from a movement perspective, is certainly a much easier option, but this can for example, lead to overuse type injuries. Think of your knee joint, did you know that it not only works as a hinge, but it also, for successful movement to occur, has an important rotational element to it. When we lose that critical function, due to an injury/inflammation (there are many other potential reasons), the knee will continue to function as a hinge, however, this can exacerbate the “wearing” of the thin protective lining of the bony surfaces within the joint, that can eventually lead to the degrading of that lining, and influence osteoarthritis (OA)! Of course, we must remember that OA is a normal process, and part of ageing, something we cannot deny! This degrading process can and does happen throughout all our joints at some point…….particularly if we repeat the same old thing!  To mitigate the same old thing, we need to have many movement solutions!

So, I would love for you to join me in exploring and improving your movement vocabulary.  I guarantee that you will feel alive, and full of energy at the close of the class.  You will have movement ideas and solutions to practice and explore while the kettle boils!

All you will need is an open mind, a dose of curiosity, a squirt of motivation!


  • Move Well.Move Strong! 6 class pass – £60.00

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Time | 10 am -11am

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Bodorgan, Canolfan Hen Ysgol, Bodorgan, Anglesey

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