Services & Classes we offer

We offer a variety of services from physiotherapy, fitness classes to massage packages.


We currently offer a range or services


A physiotherapy approach that is specific to you.

Physiotherapy Guided Pilates

A unique approach to Pilates.  A class that will strengthen, get you moving, and challenge you.  This class has evolved over the past 12 years of delivery to incorporate the natural  movements that should underpin our everyday postures.


Small group exercise class on indoor spinning bikes Simple effective workout Excellent for weight loss and general fitness.

Yoga Nia You

A relaxing evening class to play with yoga stretches, explore flexibility, breathe, and ease into your body.

Fit For Life Classes

A Fun, functional movement class for all to develop strength and mobility, improve balance, posture, coordination, agility and strength and have fun whilst trying!

Deep Tissue Massage

Whether its focusing on a problem area or whether you want an overall sense of relaxation, our treatments will suit your requirements.

The benefits of buying a package, or class pass

You are more likely to attend and have commitment to helping yourself get better

With our busy clinic You will have a schedule of sessions booked for consistency and ease.

This will enable us to provide the best, most appropriate service that is going to benefit YOU and get YOU moving towards BETTER RESULTS.

With regular commitment WE can give you a more personalised service which will help you achieve better results and accommodate your needs.